Inside Views

Com as Inside Views terás a oportunidade de conhecer diferentes centros de investigação relacionados com física em Lisboa. Uma Inside View é uma tour exclusiva a um centro de investigação do IST, guiada por um investigador do centro.

Conseguirás perceber todo o processo científico: partindo da ideia, ultrapasssando obstáculos, atingindo assim um resultado.

As Inside Views irão decorrer no dia 28 de fevereiro (quinta-feira) das 15h30-17h e dia 1 de março (sexta-feira) das 10h-12h.

The LIP (Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Physics of Particles) is the a laboratory which, in Portugal, concentrates the research and participation in international collaborations, in the field of experimental particle physics and astroparticles and associated technologies. Click here to learn more about each visit.

The Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group promotes research and advanced training aiming at understanding and exploiting the role of quantum physics, of thermodynamics, and of relativity in the encoding, detection, transmission and processing of information, as well as at exploring the insights quantum information brings into fundamental physics.

Namely, our team develops theoretical research on Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Computation and Simulation, Quantum Networks, Quantum Thermodynamics, and the Foundations of Quantum Physics, in the context of a variety of international projects and experimental collaborations. Furthermore, we develop experimental research in free-space entanglement distribution and its applications to Quantum Cryptography.

  • Local: IST
  • 6 vagas

IPFN – Institute of Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion is a research unit of the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, and one of the largest research institutions in physics in Portugal. Click here to learn more about each visit.

  • ISTTOK – contributions for a future fusion reactor
  • IPFN engineeering activities for nuclear fusion
  • L2I – Laboratório de Lasers Intensos
  • VOXEL – Volumetric medical X-ray imaging at extremely low dose
  • PEL – Laboratório de Engenharia de Plasmas
  • HPL – Laboratório de Plasmas Hipersónicos (CTN / Campus Loures IST)

Visit to the Tecnico’s anechoic chamber, visiting both the exterior part of the chamber, seeing the constructive type of the chamber, and the inner part of the chamber where you can “hear” the absolute silence and the completely dead acoustics of the chamber . The details about the anechoic chamber and also about some work done inside the anechoic chamber over the last years will be presented.

  • Local: IST
  • 20 vagas

INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies is one of the first Portuguese laboratory with capacity for nanofabrication, and is currently a Member of the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of FCT (MicroNanoFab). With 20 years of experience in a micro- and nanofabrication infrastructure, INESC MN focuses its activities on:

  • Scientific research of excellence: Research that makes intense use and is made possible by the 24-hour availability of a Clean Room for spintronic devices, thin film MEMS, and integrated biosensors and lab-on-chip systems.
  • Advanced training: INESC MN offers masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral students the opportunity of experimental training in micro and nanofabrication technologies.
  • Micro and nanofabrication services: INESC MN offers access to its infrastructure to Portuguese and international companies, and to university groups. This access is tailored to each customer and can range from full consultancy with technology transfer to the execution of a simple microfabrication step.
  • Local: INESC-MN
  • 15 vagas

The Technological and Nuclear Campus of the Pole of Loures of IST, as a structure for teaching, research and service rendering, maintains the same mission and attributions as the extinct ITN, IP, namely to carry out and promote scientific research and technological development. Particularly in the field of nuclear sciences and techniques, radiological protection and safety, as well as, in this context, develop graduate and postgraduate training actions and the permanent updating of technicians and also promote the dissemination of science in their areas of expertise.

  • Local: CTN, Loures
  • 7 vagas
  • Apenas dia 1 de março (sexta)  – a visita ao HPL-IPFN está inserida nesta visita

The purpose of the COSTAR-CENTRA group investigation is to use the known universe to probe the unknown universe, ie use the Sun and stars as experimental detectors to explore new physics, as suggested by the new models of particle physics and theory of gravitation. In particular we are interested in studying the problem of dark matter. In addition we are also interested in understanding how stars form and evolve.

  • Local: IST
  • 0 vagas

Black Holes, Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves are among the subjects with whom we usually deal in our everyday life as researchers. We belongs to GRIT. This is the gravitational group at the Instituto Superior Técnico. Our group is very international, in fact some of our investigators are worldwide leaders in their field and we have broad network of contacts all around the globe (Aveiro, Cambridge, Perimeter Institute and Rome for instance). Currently, gravitational physics is probably the most important topic in science overall. Indeed, the gravitational waves produced by the merging of a binary of black holes system was detected only 3 years ago. This was the first direct evidence of the existence of such kind of objects and it was honored with the Nobel Prize in physics this year. This discovery allowed the birth of the gravitational wave astronomy, opening our vision on the most extreme phenomena happening in our universe.
If you wish you to know something more about us, come to have a direct look at the Inside Views of GRIT. Here, you can have an informal conversation with our PhD students to know more about their daylife work.

  • Local: IST
  • 0 vagas

The Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research (Fraunhofer Portugal) is a non-profit private association founded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organization for applied research in Europe. Fraunhofer Portugal’s mission is to undertake applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprises and of wide benefit to society. With a team of over 80 hired researchers and a client portfolio from a broad range of areas, such as health, agriculture, retail or energy, AICOS has consolidated competences in: Human-Centred Design; Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Do you want to know more about us? We prepared an interactive Inside View where students will the opportunity to interact with researchers and with the live demonstrations of several Fraunhofer AICOS’s projects. It is also planned a more detailed explanation regarding human motion sensors and their applications.

  • Local: Fraunhofer Portugal
  • 20 vagas

CFTP – Center for Theoretical Physics of Particles – is an international group of theoretical physicists with research interests on particle, astroparticle and hadronic physics, and interplays with cosmology.

Despite the successes of the Standard Model (SM), there are still experimental observations for which we have no answer: neutrinos masses, the baryon asymmetry of the Universe (or why do we exist in the Universe?) and the observed dark matter. These three observations demand the existence of new physics beyond the SM. The goals of our research are to explore extensions of the conventional theory that can provide answers to these open problems, and to explore other exciting topics like the unification of fundamental forces, the existence of new particles and extra dimensions, the structure of nuclei and hadrons, etc.

“CFTP Inside Views” will start with a brief description of our group and its research. This will be followed by the “Chatting with a theoretical physicist” where students will interact with our researchers in their offices, having the opportunity to ask questions and know more about their work.

  • Local: IST
  • infinitas vagas

This high-level of transdisciplinarity is achieved by congregating theoretical and experimental physicists, materials scientists and chemical engineers specialized in several aspects of condensed matter physics, materials science and chemical engineering, which allows implementing an integrated approach to new materials development, from first principles design and modeling to materials synthesis, testing and application.

  • Visita aos laboratórios do RMN e cristais líquidos
  • Local: IST
  • 20 vagas
  • Apenas dia 28 de fevereiro (quinta)
  • Visita ao Grupo Teórico do CeFEMA – Breve apresentação do grupo e das actividades de investigação. Discussão com membros do CeFEMA-gt.
  • Local: IST
  • 10 vagas
  • Apenas dia 1 de março (sexta)