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You will discover the most unusual and unknown topics of physics and understand the deep connections that unite all areas of research.

2nd March

9.20 a.m.

Ivo Varzielas – Centro de Física Teórica de Partículas | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Theoretical Particle Physics

After finishing his degree in Physics at Porto University, Ivo Varzielas has worked at CERN and at Oxford University. He is currenty a researcher at CFTP and is now mainly focused on explaining the observed pattern of fermion masses and mixings based on family symmetries.

2nd March

9.55 a.m.

Nuno Barros – Laboratório de Instrumentação e Partículas | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Particle Physics

Nuno Barros is a researcher working at the Neutrino Group, at LIP. He is currently involved in the SNO+ and DUNE experiments, two experiments that aim to answer some of the open questions about neutrinos, his main focus of study.

2nd March

10.30 a.m.

Yasser Omar – Instituto de Telecomunicações | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Quantum Information

Yasser Omar is currently the coordinator of the group “Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies”, belonging to the Institute of Telecommunications, and also professor of the Mathematics department of Instituto Superior Técnico.

2nd March

2.30 p.m.

Jorge Martins – Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Physical Cosmology

Jorge Martins is a PhD student at IA and he’ll be talking about the latest Nobel Prize in Physics, which was awarded to James Peebles and jointly to Swiss astronomers Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz for their discovery of an exoplanet.

4th March

9.00 a.m.

Miguel Zilhão Nogueira – CENTRA | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Astrophysics and Computational Physics

Miguel Zilhão Nogueira is currently a research scientist from FCT at GRIT, a research group of CENTRA, and whose aim is to study gravitation.

4th March

9.35 p.m.

Mário Lino da Silva – Institute of Plasma and Nuclear Fusion | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Plasma Physics

Mário Lino da Silva, an Assistant Professor at IST, holds a PhD degree in Plasma Physics from Université D’Orléans. He is currently a researcher at IPFN, in which he studies fundamental processes in space reentry plasma physics for furthering and improving Human access to space.

4th March

10.10 a.m.

Vânia Silvério – INESC-MN | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Microsystems and Technologies

Vânia Silvério holds a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from IST, in which she is an Invited Assistant Professor. Vânia is an INESC-MN researcher, in which she is currently involved in scientifically innovative and challenging R&D projects combining nanotechnology with simulation tools for the design, fabrication, integration and test of microfluidic devices and sensors.

4th March

4.30 p.m.

Mónica Faria – Center of Physics and Engineering of Advanced Materials | Amphitheatre Abreu Faro, Interdisciplinary Complex | Artificial Organs

Mónica Faria, who took a PhD in Chemical Engineering at IST, is a researcher at CeFEMA, where she leads the group dedicated do artificial organs. The main investigation areas of the group are the development of polimetic membranes to biomedical devices and the synthesis of nanostructures hemocompatible surfaces to build artificial organs, namely artificial lungs and kidneys.